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Our mission is to improve your Little Buddy’s quality of life through innovative products focusing on health and wellness


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A portion of every purchase goes to the Little Buddy Rescue to help animals in need

They’ve said

We have a German shorthaired pointer named Zulu that loves the little buddy brand salmon & CBD antlers. Zulu will go to town licking all the salmon flavor up and dig into the antler to find more. The chewing aspect mixed with the CBD seems to calm her down entirely when she’s extremely wound up. This benefits her and us when we have people over or it’s time to go to bed..

Jon M

They’ve said

Max is a very energetic 10-year-old lab. He has tons of energy to this day but at the end of a day at the park or lake he does not recover quite like he used to! We like to use little buddy brand CBD to help with Max's aches and sore muscles so he can bounce back the next day, as well as hop into bed with us at night.

Mariah M

They’ve said

Our retriever Mac loves the Little Buddy Brand Elk Antlers! I don’t know if it's the antler itself or the Salmon oil and CBD he loves more but its his favorite treat we give him now.

Jenifer S

They’ve said

We were recommended CBD oil and in particular Little Buddy Brand Wellness Oil, to help with her anxiety around others. Would definitely recommend if you have an anxious pup looking for relief!

Kris B

They’ve said

We see a definite improvement in Cooper’s separation anxiety with the help of Little Buddy Daily Wellness Oil. I suggest it to as many people as i can fot them and their pets.


Benefits of CBD

Pain and Inflammation relief
Joint and mobility
Digestive and Nausea Aid
Improved Sleep & Increased Appetite
Calming effects and Reduced Anxiety
Reduce symptoms of Epilepsy and Seizures
Helps attack the root of allergies and disease
Improved skin and coat conditions

Quality Matters

Little Buddy Brand

Through our partnership with White Buffalo Hemp Company and using their proprietary track and trace technology, we are able to control, monitor and test our product every step of the way from seed in land to the product in hand!

CBD for Your Little Buddy!

How it Helps

CBD helps maintain and regulate certain functions of the body but only lasts 8-9 hours


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Little Buddy Brand, thru their partnership with White Buffalo Hemp Co, uses only the highest qualify CBD isolate, as opposed to full spectrum oil, to ensure the upmost level of compliance, accuracy and potency of product.

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Little Buddy Brand was started with the mission of bringing high quality, all natural products to market at a very reasonable price with a greater purpose in mind! That greater purpose being to not only improve your Little Buddy’s quality of life through innovative products focusing on health and wellness, but to also be able to give back and help animals in need, which we pledge to do with our donations of part of every sale to our non profit, Little Buddy Rescue.