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How do I give my Little Buddy the Wellness oil?

The best way to administer our wellness oil is directly into the mouth of your pet, ideally in the cheek area or under the tongue for maximum absorption. For many pets this will be too difficult a task and applying the desired amount to their food, treats or chews might be the easier solution. Might we recommend our elk antler chews! Follow our dosing guide for reference on suggested amounts per your pets weight.

How often should I give my Little Buddy wellness oil?

For best, and most consistent results, administer every 8-9 hours. CBD helps maintain and regulate certain functions of the body but only lasts 8-9 hours, so administering as often helps to maintain this state of homeostasis within the body! We like to give our Little Buddy a dose with their meal in the morning, their meal at night and an antler to chew on during the day between

Do I need to monitor my pet with the elk antler chews?

As with any bone, toy, or chew, supervision is always recommended!These irresistible treats can be devoured by aggressive chewers. This can lead to an upset stomach and abrasions on the gums similar to the bleeding you get when flossing. This can be part of the teeth cleaning process for your dog. However, heed caution with any bleeding, remove the antler and monitor the bleeding to ensure no serious cuts have occurred. When the antler becomes too small for your pet please discard as choking can occur. Please see product packaging for instructions and applications.

Are Little Buddy Brand CBD products safe for all animal consumption?

While all animals have endocannabinoid receptors, not all animals’ needs are the same, mostly due to their size. Our products are formulated based on weight, and have been generally viewed as safe for most all pets. If you have a rare or unique pet consult with your local vet to see if Little Buddy products are right for them.

Are all Little Buddy Brand Products legal in all 50 states?

Yes, our product contains absolutely ZERO THC. Little Buddy Brand, thru their partnership with White Buffalo Hemp Co, uses only the highest qualify CBD isolate, as opposed to full spectrum oil, to ensure the upmost level of compliance, accuracy and potency of product.

Will CBD get my dog “high”?

Our CBD isolate is completely THC free, allowing your Little Buddy to gain the benefits of hemp/CBD without any of the psychoactive effects of THC.

Are there any known side effects to CBD?

There are no known side effects relating to animal consumption of CBD. Other allergies may exist with other ingredients. Little Buddy Brand aims to use as few ingredients as possible and carefully source all-natural ingredients to maximize benefits for your pet.

Are these products safe to use with other medications?

If your pet is taking any medication, please consult with your veterinarian before adding any new supplement or changing the diet of your Little Buddy!

Is it safe for my pregnant/nursing pet?

If pet is pregnant or nursing, please consult with your vet prior to use!

Little Buddy Brand was started with the mission of bringing high quality, all natural products to market at a very reasonable price with a greater purpose in mind! That greater purpose being to not only improve your Little Buddy’s quality of life through innovative products focusing on health and wellness, but to also be able to give back and help animals in need, which we pledge to do with our donations of part of every sale to our non profit, Little Buddy Rescue.