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Tips: Introduction

Our pets are naturally pretty self-sufficient, yet there are many things that we must do for them when we begin to domesticate them. We are their source for food, water, shelter, protection (to some degree), and last but certainly not least, learning. This is a large responsibility that you hold in your hands. This weekly blog will cover tips and tricks that you can use in your own home, from dieting to proper exercise to hygiene, so that you and your little buddy may have a happy and healthy relationship.

Little Buddy Brand was started with the mission of bringing high quality, all natural products to market at a very reasonable price with a greater purpose in mind! That greater purpose being to not only improve your Little Buddy’s quality of life through innovative products focusing on health and wellness, but to also be able to give back and help animals in need, which we pledge to do with our donations of part of every sale to our non profit, Little Buddy Rescue.